What is a Study Group?

What is a study group?

A study group is usually four to six (sometimes up to ten) students who come together regularly to study one or more subjects in a disciplined manner so that all students can benefit from the multiple perspectives and skills of the group members. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole in action.

Ways to form a group:

  • In college it is common for students to form several study groups, one for each difficult class. These groups usually are made up of students in the same class under the same instructor. It is possible to form a group around Calculus from different instructors, but instructors follow their own syllabi, and group members may not be learning the same concepts at the same time. This situation would require additional effort from the members so that all members benefit.
  • In secondary schools, study groups may form around a group of shared classes and/or instructors. Students may wish to study math, chemistry, and computer science in the same study group because all the students have the same instructor for each subject even if the class meets at different times.
  • One of the main complaints with all study groups is wasting time trying to meet regularly. In this case you may wish to form a Tuesday night study group that then deals with Calculus 1501 with Professor Jones. Or in secondary schools, you may need to select a study group time around various extra-curricular activities and the ability to travel to a common meeting place.