Classroom Accommodations

Accommodations are strategies and tools that help close the gap between where your disability meets learning. Academic accommodations are modifications to policy, practice, instructional delivery, and environment to ensure you are given the opportunity to access information. Accommodations do not guarantee a good grade but offer you the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the subject.

Classroom Accommodations

You are legally permitted accommodations based on your qualifying disability documentation. For high school students, you are entitled to disability accommodations, while college students must go through an eligibility process. The accommodations that a school or college will provide often focus on the accessibility of facilities, course information, and testing; and on campus or departmental procedures.

Classroom Accommodations
Classroom Accommodations
  • Facility accommodations change the environment so you can receive instruction. Common accommodations include physical access to a building and classroom (e.g., automatic doors, location on the first floor, wide aisles) or priority seating in the front of the class or away from doors and windows.
  • Information accommodations alter the way information is presented to you. Common accommodations include the use of a digital/tape recorder or note taker to take notes, Sign Language interpreters, closed captioned videos, or classroom assistants. They also include large print, Braille, or digital versions of textbooks or other materials.
  • Test accommodations allow you an equal opportunity to demonstrate knowledge by using alternate testing processes. Common accommodations include a low distraction test room, extended time on exams, help from a reader; or the use of a word processor, spell check, non-programmable calculator, or formula sheet.

Contacting Disability Services at Your School

If you are not currently registered with the disability office at your school, you may want to consider setting up an appointment. The only way to receive accommodations like priority registration and extended time on tests is having these accommodations granted through your school’s disability services office.


These are the links to your school’s disability services office:

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology – ADAPTS
  2. Georgia Perimeter College – Each campus has its own office. Please set up an appointment with the respective disabilities coordinator:
  • Alpharetta – Patricia Moss – 678-240-6038
  • Clarkston – Adetuni Anderson – 678-891-3541
  • Decatur – Tangie Dean – 678-891-2406
  • Dunwoody – Michael Anderson – 770-274-5253
  • Newton – Henrietta Lindsay – 770-278-1316

3.University of Georgia – Disability Resource Center


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