Myths and Misconceptions About Math

Myth #1: Aptitude for Math is Inborn

Mathematics is inborn, but it is inborn in all of us. It is a human trait. Math, like other fields, has had its prodigies and because of these people, it is easier to believe that doing math requires a different type of brain. Ask your math teacher if he or she became a mathematician because of having a special brain. You will likely discover that it was a parent or teacher that was responsible for helping your instructor discovering math and the rewards it holds for students.

Myths and Misconceptions About Math
Myths and Misconceptions About Math

Myth #2: To Be Good at Math you have to be Good at Calculating

Mathematics is a science of ideas, not an exercise in the calculation. Being a wiz at figures is not the mark of success in mathematics.

Myth #3: Math Requires Logic, Not Creativity

The grain of truth in this myth is that math does require logic. But it is a mistake to suppose that logic is what math is about, or that being a mathematician means being uncreative or unintuitive. M.C. Escher is a good example of an artist who used math to transform the images we see.


Myth #4: In Math, What’s Important is Getting the Right Answer

Understanding mathematical concepts are more important than the right answer. That you are methodical and complete your work is important to your math instructor.

Myth #5: Men are Naturally Better than Women at Mathematical Thinking

There is no gender gap when it comes to ability. It is a society that says being good at math is unfeminine. Unfortunately, gender bias, like our legacy of racial bias, continues to shade many people’s outlooks.

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  1. I agree with the myth you mention about math being all logics. I read an article on Excel mathematics that stated this myth corresponds to the fact that teacher rely more on demostrating maths rather encouraging kids to solve the equations.

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